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Kate Osborne.

blog: http://kateosborne.wordpress.com/

I studied textile design at Northbrook College in Worthing from 1972 to
1976 and, following this, worked for two London textile studios as a floral designer. In 1979 I went to live in Los Angeles where I  freelanced, doing production ready artwork for various manufacturers.

I then spent a year in New Mexico, living in a shack in an old coal mining town, painting wildlife and botanical subjects, and selling through a gallery in Santa Fe.

I returned home in 1984, and began doing illustration for books,
magazines and advertising, as well as textile design. Clients have
included Sainsbury's, London Transport and Quarto Press.

Since then I have returned to painting  and have been exhibiting in our
open house during Brighton's Arts Festival; with Nick Bowlby at the 20/21
art fair and the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea and Hampstead, the Spa Galleries in Tunbridge Wells the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour and the Society of Wildlife Artists at the Mall Galleries London, as well as selling prints and originals through many galleries around Britain.

I have recently joined Yellowhouseartlicensing, who specialise in licensing for fine-art publishing, greeting cards, gift-wrap, stationery, retail packaging, apparel, homeware, wallpaper & more.
I now work very freely in watercolour, with the minimum of
compositional drawing; this gives the paintings an unpremeditated
look, which attempts to express the beautiful but transitory nature of the
subject matter. I also teach watercolour and ipad sketching, and run workshops, in Brighton, Hove and Lewes. Please see the diary for details


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  1. daniel avatar
    daniel Nov 9, 2010

    i love you more than emma!! you make my life complete and i am so happy to have found your paintings! they make me feel warm inside x x x x x

  2. Anna Maria Pisano avatar
    Anna Maria Pisano Jul 20, 2011

    Hello Kate, I saw one of your “roosters” on a box of biscuits! in France, as soon as I returned to my house in Sardinia, I tried to learn something about yourself .... you are very good. I love your watercolors and let me know if you do courses to teach your technique ....... forgive my English: I have entrusted to a translator on line ... best regards Anna Maria Pisano

  3. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Jul 26, 2011

    Hi Maria

    and thanks so much for lovely comments! I don’t teach at the moment but plan to get back to it in the future, so if you’re happy for me to do it I will add you to my emailing list for any workshops I do in the future? Have you done any painting?
    Sardinia sounds like a lovely place to have a home.
    My website’s below if you haven’t already found it

    best wishes



  4. Anna Maria Pisano avatar
    Anna Maria Pisano Sep 2, 2011

    only today I read your message, you are also interested in the future to attend one of your courses, I paint with oil every so often, but I am fascinated by your watercolors ........ when you resume sent to teach an email, I will be happy to come and visit you. best regards Anna Maria

  5. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Jan 3, 2012

    do you want to know the techniques and materials I use? Very happy to supply info, let me know!

  6. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Jan 3, 2012

    You don’t need to be educated in order to paint, it comes from the heart, and with practice and persistence!

  7. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Jan 3, 2012

    you’re on the emailing list and will let you know when I get back to teaching!

    best wishes Kate

  8. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Jan 3, 2012

    you are added to the emailing list!

  9. nancy avatar
    nancy Feb 27, 2012

    enjoyed viewing your watercolors, so light and airy. keep pushing on and challenging yourself..At least that is what I keep telling myself! lol nn

  10. Ian Kesterton avatar
    Ian Kesterton Jun 20, 2012

    Hello Kate. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. Philip at the Spa Galleries exhibits my work and I’ve admired yours there for some time. I work in pen and ink with watercolour wash but am looking to develop my style to a more painterly one; or at least attempt to do so. I live in Tunbridge Wells and belong to The Tunbridge Wells Art Society. Do you ever demonstrate or carry out workshops in this area? I am prepared to travel to one or more of your workshops if necessary and appropriate. Any advice?   Ian

  11. sally avatar
    sally Aug 6, 2012

    Hi Kate just to say I love your beautiful and realistic paintings of bees and butterflies and the black faced sheep you are amazing with watercolours many thanks Sally

  12. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Aug 7, 2012

    thanks Sally, lovely to get nice comments from people!

  13. Simon Roebuck avatar
    Simon Roebuck May 25, 2014

    Hi Kate.  Just spotted & bought one of your watercolours in a Hospice Shop in Wadebridge Cornwall. It’s of poppies, orange & red. It’s not numbered, Do you number your prints? The frame is damaged so we’ll reframe and hang it in our lounge.
    We love it.  Best wishes,  Simon

  14. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne May 25, 2014

    Hi Simon, I’m delighted you like it! Must be one of the open edition prints I think, though it don’t remember it specifically. And thanks for getting in touch!
    Best wishes

  15. Ricardo Pedraglio avatar
    Ricardo Pedraglio Jan 4, 2015

    Hello. Congratulations. Very nice works (paints) I have in Peru, THE PERUVIAN POULTRY MUSEUM.

  16. Jasmina avatar
    Jasmina Feb 2, 2015

    Hi Kate, all I really wanted to say is how beautiful your artwork is- you make it look so easy and simple yet everything you do is just beautiful.
    As an emerging artist, might you have any tips for me . Thanks you for your time.

  17. David Allen Sullivan avatar
    David Allen Sullivan Jan 17, 2016

    Hello, my fourth book of poetry just won the Mary Ballard award. The chspbook Take wing will be published in April, and I am interested in using some of your watercolor bees on the cover. Of course the publisher would have to approve. Is that a possibility? I would need them in high resolution files of 400 dpi.  I can send you the manuscript so you can read the poems if you like. I am at [removed]
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  18. Sophie Aspin avatar
    Sophie Aspin Feb 25, 2016

    Hi Kate!,
    I have recently discovered your work and find your butterfly glorious and very expressive. I would love to know more about your techniques, materials and inspiration and influences. I am a Art and Design student and have just been accepted to University to my dream course, Surface Pattern and Textiles. Any information would be beneficial, thanks x

  19. mako avatar
    mako Mar 25, 2016

    Hi there Kate, I really admire your paintings of butterflies and bees, and i was wondering you could tell what sort of techniques you use in your paintings, please?

  20. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Apr 1, 2016

    Hi Mako
    Take a look at my blog, the link is on the home page of the website, it covers most of the techniques and materials I use. And thanks for your lovely comments!

  21. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Apr 1, 2016

    Hi Sophie take a look at my blog, it covers pretty much all my techniques and materials; watercolourdiary.com, or the link is in the homepage of my website. Thanks for lively comments, and I wish you great joy with your art! Textiles is a a fabulous discipline I think! Best wishes Kate

  22. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Apr 1, 2016

    Hi David, did we ever get this sorted, or did you have a change of mind? Not to worry if so, but thought I would check! Best wishes Kate

  23. Stephanie Parkinson avatar
    Stephanie Parkinson Jul 9, 2016

    Thanks for your work - the beautiful picture- “if you don’t please” of the siamese cat. My blue burmese died 4 weeks ago and yours is an elegant picture to express my grief and thanks to our vet.

  24. Edie avatar
    Edie Sep 7, 2016

    Love your watercolor paintings. You capture the true essence of watercolor painting with it’s lovely translucency.

  25. Edie avatar
    Edie Sep 7, 2016

    I love your watercolor paintings. You capture the true essence of watercolor painting with lovely translucency.

  26. kate osborne avatar
    kate osborne Sep 8, 2016

    Thanks Edie! It is lovely to have good feedback! Best wishes Kate